Tuesday, November 29, 2011

what a beautiful day =)

Rembat pic from PAK SYEIKH GUGEL coz lepas makan baru ingat nak mik pic =)

Today is very busy so I did not have time to eat ... But, thanks to Allah that hear my stomach voice =)

You know why????

After my job finished, I went to visit the program was organized by Finance and Banking Society. Unfortunately, the program has ended. Howeverthe committee members of the program also my friends invited me to eat food that has been provided =) 

After everything is over, I returned to the room .. Another friend, Tika gave me pizza which kept specially for me because I can't attend their birthdays celebration...

btw, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY  to Tika Nurieka and Iqca Ishika!!!

p/s: kalau dapat makan memang HEAVEN...Lupa masalah and penat lelah =)

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