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Preparation For Dynamic Executives (EXEC) PART 1

Firstly, I want to wish SALAM MAAL HIJRAH to all muslims and hope this year is better than know details about the history, (click here)...


Seminar: Preparation For Dynamic Executives or known as EXEC was held on 21 & 22 October 2011. It was organized by Finance and Banking Society, UUM. 
Its my pleasure to talk about this program because this was my first experience as a director. Previously, I just became a part of committee members and mostly as a secretary.
For me, this program was successful because of strong commitment and effort from committee members and our advisors Prof. Dr. Nor Hayati Ahmad, Mr. Kharul Azhar Ramli and Mr. Muhaizam. Thanks to all...Really appreciate it =)

Haaa...the participants for two days program:
AJK's = 44
UUM students = 80
UiTM students = 50

Here, just want to share the knowledge acquired by the participants who attend this program

1st day, 21 OCTOBER 2011

With speakers and VIP's

For keynote speaker, the title is "Climbing Up The Career Path, Opportunity and Challenges" but here I only just want to share about preparation before entering the job market. From his talk, the preparation as below:

1) Prepare for the job market
2) Identify our skills, strengths and weaknesses, and areas of interest
3) Prepare and update resume in line with the position and job that we apply
4) Prepare for job interview
5) Brush up our skills
6) Review market connection

Soft skill + Value, Personality & Personal Character
TECHNICAL SKILL: Academic + Working Experience

Then, for the second session, the speaker said that work and career are different. When a person is considered the work is work, work cannot be done vigorously BUT when work considered as career and profession, the person will excited to do the job and there will be no "MONDAY BLUES" as most people.

After break for lunch and pray, sharing knowledge and experience session from the students who are practical at Hong Kong and Brazil began. 
The word that I learned from this session is "Muito obrigador" which means Thank you in Portuguese... It is because in Brazil, most people use this language.

After 2 hours, the participants from UUM and UiTM had Ice Breaking Activity. 

One of the activities
Then, all participants rest in their rooms and get ready for Pre-Executives Dinner. 
The purpose of this dinner is to create a link and networking between students. Besides, it will develop a variety of executives skills and versatile's student in order to prepare undergraduates to be employable.

UiTM students

Rest adjourn...for the second day, I'll put it in PART 2..=)

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