Monday, November 28, 2011

Preparation For Dynamic Executives (EXEC) PART 2

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Let's continue =)

2nd day, 22 OCTOBER 2011

For the second day, we had "BAKTISISWA" at Kg. Changkat Setoi, Changlun.. This program is very suitable with UUM's motto "ILMU, BUDI, BAKTI".. You know why???

It is because the first day, we fulfill it with the seminar to gain our knowledge means that "ILMU".. Then for the second day, we had some activities with local villagers means that "BUDI & BAKTI"   
But, the real name for this activity we called as TALENT ENRICHMENT PROGRAM...

For this activity, group was divided into 6 which are:
60 participants allocated to 4 houses (15 each house)
20 participants at cemetery
15 participants at mosque
20 participants prepare for foods
15 participants at SMK Bandar Baru Sintok

We started this activity at 9 am until 12.00pm then we had lunch. After lunch, all participants gathered in the mosque to perform solat, recite Yasin and solat hajat for SPM students. Then, closing ceremony began.

At 3.30pm participants depart back

Our transport =) 
Actually, we went to this village by bus. But this transport was sponsored by our advisor to facilitate the committee members during the program 

Very enjoyed =)

More pictures:

SMK Bandar Baru Sintok

AJK's with Prof. Dr. Nor Hayati and Mr. Muhaizam

Alhamdulillah, I had the opportunity to handle this program and thanks to all=)

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  1. mesti bez klu dapat join program camni..dlu time jd student mmg slalu join prgram...skrg dh keje susah la..btw gud program =) congratz